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Scenario 1: You want to enter a new geographical market. You identified your office location. You paid the lease. Now you want to setup your Office IT Infrastructure, before you can bring your people to begin the operations.

Scenario 2: You just got acquired or you acquired another company. You want to reconcile the IT Infrastructures of both companies in a less disruptive and cost-effective fashion.

Scenario 3: You are growing by leaps and bounds. You have outgrown your current office space. You want to relocate to another location. You want to pack, move, unpack and hit the road running soon.

If you are running into any of the above situations, the typical challenges you’ll face are:

You get distracted. You should focus on perfecting your Go-To-Market Strategies for the new geography, read M&A terms with magnifying lens and look-out for best talents to run your operations than worry about New Office IT setup, consolidation and relocation.

Arrange for logistics, warehouse, safety, telecommunication and broadband lines.

Prepare a complete Bill Of Material (BOM) of IT equipment’s.

If you want to procure equipment’s for your new office, you need the experience to identify multiple vendors in the new geography and negotiate for the best price.

And then the threat of downtime and business disruption is always looming over you.

Sysnet has been doing New Office Setup, Consolidation and Relocation for several years now. Here below you’ll find some of your peers whom we’ve helped to move to a new office with peace of mind, with the necessary IT Infrastructure in place by the expected time and, here is how Sysnet helps you:

Get a Consultant to discuss with your IT Manager about your New Office Setup, Consolidation or Relocation needs.

Prepare Bill Of Material (BOM) of IT equipment’s.

Structured cabling, networking, assembly, Configuration and Testing of your complete IT Infrastructure.

Develop Project Plan that lists all tasks involved, completion date and action holders.

Negotiate with multiple Vendors to obtain the best price for the equipment’s. If equipment’s have to be relocated, coordinate for logistics and warehouse management.

Provide 24 x 7 Support to ensure you and your staffs have a peace of mind to run the operations. And, we send frequent status reports as well.

So, are you setting up your office now or in the near future? For a hassle-free Office IT Setup, IT relocation and IT consolidation