Computer / PC Slowness Issue ? ….Upgrade to SSD harddisk

If you are tired with your computer slowness issue and you have reinstalled your windows but again after few months it slows down the computer….then the best solution is to upgrade your existing Harddisk to SSD type Harddisk.

Generally when you buy a laptop/computer from mall or shop it comes with HDD type harddisk which is cheaper in terms of cost but as you start using the computer you will notice the performance degradation.

You can anytime upgrade the harddisk to new technology which is called as SSD type and offcource you will NOT LOOSE any of your data or software during the upgrade.

Basically we will close your existing harddisk to new SSD harddisk, so your Windows license, data and other software remain as is.

SSD hardisk are available in 256 GB, 500 GB and 1 TB. Price starts from AED 300 Onwards.

Please feel to contact our support team and they will advise if your computer is eligible for SSD upgrade or not.

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